Not so much dissertating in Manchester

So, I just re-read my blog’s tagline which is “Dissertating in Manchester”.  I’m in Manchester to be sure, and have discussed that a bit, but I sure haven’t discussed my dissertation, and to be honest, I feel like I haven’t been doing that much with it.  I’m reading, but am pretty much lost on what the dissertation is going to be like or how it will be structured.  I have my first panel meeting (here in the UK you have a panel consisting of your advisor, a secondary advisor, and a third reader- you then meet with them twice a year to check your progress.  Yes, you can fail out at these panel meeting. No, I am not looking forward to them) in January/February and need to have a chapter of my dissertation (although here they call it a thesis) finished by then.  But lets not talk or worry about that now, lets see a new clip from my cousin Sarah’s standup:

In other news, my fiancee is awesome and constantly surprises me with his actions.  For example, I got a nice email from him with his responses to a paper I wrote in which he wrote “HOLY CRAP GO READ A THOUSAND PLATEAUS RIGHT NOW” – that is typical, he has this crazy-good encyclopedic knowledge of all relevant theory in his head, and anytime I tell him what I’m thinking about doing work on, he can list five or six books that I should go read that end up being amazingly useful.  What surprised me was, this email was followed by a skype conversation in which he kept getting distracted.  When asked why this was, he responded “I’m looking at videos of cute kittens!”. Yeah, he’s a keeper. So, in honor of Grant and of me slacking off so early in the game, here are some kittens:

Is anything cuter than kittens? YES,  BABY PANDAS:

So there you have it. Cute overload- now I have to go jam major works of psychoanalysis down my brain. woo. I have some good Monday Lieblings prepared, so see you then!

~ by gakather on October 17, 2009.

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