Monday Lieblings

So, I apologize for there not being a monday lieblings last week- but I was still adjusting to life in Manchester and didn’t have any internet access (I still don’t have wireless at home, boo).  From now on the Monday Lieblings will be every week. I promise.  So now, brought to you from the school of Art History and Visual Studies’ office, during a break from reading Klein, is the monday lieblings:

1) The Young Ones

The Young Ones is an amazing British comedy from the 1980s that I have been a fan of since middle school.   I feel now is an appropriate time to introduce the show, since I’m currently living with four British boys in a semi-crummy house.  It’s not nearly as bad as in the Young Ones (or as funny) but the comparison makes me smile. Here are some clips:

One of the best things about the Young Ones was that, in order to get more funding, it was classified not as a sitcom, but as a variety show, so in every episode a band is oddly introduced to play a song or two- and they got some good ones.  For example:

The only other person I’ve ever known to like this show is my cousin Sarah, and so Sarah, if you’re reading this, this ad is for you:

2) Beer

For those of you that know me, I’m pretty much a gin and tonic or scotch and soda kind of girl, but here in England I’ve been getting to know my long lost- only in Germany- love of beer again.  It seems that something about being in Europe makes me want to drink beer.  I’m most excited about the availability of Strongbow on tap everywhere here- I love that stuff, although I’ve been told it’s pretty shavvy (low class) of me to like, and I believed that point once I saw Tesco carrying strongbow like this:

Classy!  Don’t worry all you of-age Guinness relatives out there, I’ve been downing my fair share of Guinness as well.  I found out that quite a few people over here order Guinness with black currant, which I thought sounded awesome.

Turns out it isn’t.  What IS awesome though is that a lot of places here make Guinness foam art for you- I’ve received a swastika and a smiley face.  I didn’t take photos, but here are some I found online of this practice (mine were better)

3) Sainsbury’s

So I haven’t explored the cuisine around Manchester too much yet (I hear there is some great curry, and I do, after all, live on curry mile) but what I have had has not made me too happy.  I miss Durham- a true foody town in every sense of the word a lot right now, as my tummy grumbles over yet another “egg and cress” soggy sandwich, but at least there is Sainsbury’s.  When my mom was here, we enjoyed our cheap Sainsbury’s food a whole lot more than any expensive meal out we had in Manchester.  I particularly love their frozen Indian food and pasta. nom nom nom.  I will complain that I can’t find any morningstar or bocca products here though- just some mold thing called quorn. ew.  Plus there is no Silk soymilk that I know of. Sad.

4) Kevin Cyr’s Camper Bike

This is a thing of beauty and I want it right now! Kevin Cyr has made one of these for real, and done several paintings of them (he is also working on a shopping cart tent) You can check it out on his webpage:

It is awesome- I’ll just let you look at some pictures and agree with me:

5) THIS:

~ by gakather on October 5, 2009.

4 Responses to “Monday Lieblings”

  1. Yes blackcurrant and Guiness is an abomination. Yes sainsbury’s is the best. And quorn is delicious, shut your piehole. Just slather it with some HP curry sauce. You can find soy milk, just not silk. They don’t call it soy milk over there, look for soya milk. And sainsbury’s should have it. Durham awaits your return.

    • you are a true font of knowledge- thank you kind sir- and ok, so I know I can get other soymilk, but is silk original sweet or unsweet? ’cause everything here is divided up like that

      • Silk original (red box) is sweet. Unsweet is the greenish carton. So you probably want the sweet. Also their breakfast cereal is weird. I recommend Sultana Bran as it’s just raisin bran w/ golden raisins instead. Or go full on for an English fry w/ bangers and eggs and all. Skip the beans on toast. Def. eat all their candybars. And soda. Lucozade is overrated, Irnbru underrated.

  2. Excuse me. “The only other person I’ve ever known to like this show is my cousin Sarah”. May I suggest that you know the person who introduced you to the show?

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