Late Monday Lieblings, Manchester Arrival

Wow, I’ve had a crazy few days- I’ve gone from crying in the streets of Manchester over the unbelievable horror of student housing to ecstatic happiness of being able to actually find my way around everywhere (and finding a not-so dreadful home).  I don’t have internet at my place yet, so I’m in a pub – this will be brief.

1) Not being homeless

This is where I live now! I found a house-share in Victoria Park- an excellent location- it is very green and close to the University- also it’s just off Curry Mile- a long, long (if not an actual mile) area of Indian and various ethnic food, culture, shisha bars, etc.  The storefronts there are great- especially the candy shops.

2) The Rampant Lion

First off, can I just say how much I love the fact that these lions are facing the pub, not the public? They clearly want in too!  So, I have no real knowledge or standards of British pubs, but this one is only a three minute walk from my house, has Strongbow, decent sandwiches, and free wireless internet (and a trivia night).  I just might be in love.  The day I found my house my mother and I went here to celebrate- behold our luncheon:

I’m already making myself at home here:

3) Pigs

My “mum” and I went to an old Tudor house/garden and in the back was a petting zoo of sorts- mainly they just had pigs and chickens, but the pigs were great.  I think if I’m ever feeling sad or lonely, I’ll just go look at them.

I realize that this is rather patronizing, but I adore the accents of British children- one pig was rubbing himself against a tree, and a little boy yelled out “look mum, he’s having a shimmy!” it was beyond precious.

The garden also had a great little greenhouse space:

here are some photos from the house:

4) Burgers in Manchester.

Ok, I’ve only had one but it was great- I plan on having many more.

5) Electrical appliances in Manchester

ok, electric kettles are the best thing ever. the end.  also everything is hard to figure out, my mother couldn’t get her pants out of the washer, and I awoke to her yelling at it “GIVE ME BACK MY PANTS DEVIL-MACHINE!

that’s it- until I have internet I will be a bit absent, but everyone should email me. I’m lonely.

~ by gakather on September 22, 2009.

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