Monday Lieblings: Friend Favorites Edition

Ok, here it is- I’m busy packing, getting visas, eating frozen yogurt, finishing embroidery projects, and -oh yeah- being engaged! (more on that to come) so I’m taking the week off- some of my favorite folks have kindly helped me be writing about some of their favorite things.

Michelle Parrinello-Cason:

Favorite Thing: Anne Lamott

“I love Anne Lamott. She is one of my favorites because she inspires me without making me feel like a sappy wimp, uses metaphors so good they make the whole world a little clearer, and mingles humor with some of life’s great sadnesses without distracting you from what’s important. Oh, and she has dreadlocks.”

Daniel Guinness:

Favorite Thing: Pizza Ghost

“pizza ghost is an ancient and mysterious phantom who I am very interested in. he has never appeared to me personally but I have heard many terrifying accounts second hand. Once, my friend said that he saw pizza ghost hovering over him while he was asleep in the backseat of his car. I don’t know if I believe him, though, I still haven’t seen pizza ghost in his car or anywhere else. pizza ghost is made of pizza, but he is not edible because he exists on a spectral plane unreachable by humans. I love pizza ghost and continue to pray that he will show up some day.”

Diane Woodin:

Favorite Thing: Penumbra, Patrick Stewart

“I love the penumbra in the room–this figment deep within the shimmer of plasma. There is a halo among the crowd. And where it glides people stare in wide wonder. Notice the light that glints from his crown. Do you see how he is timeless? Do you see how he keeps our youth at the fingertips of resurrection? Atemporal are we all in his presence. O aged and wise is he, commanding and erudite is he! For when I say that I dream of seeing everything (42), I say only that I dream of Patrick Stewart.”

Sarah Hunt:

Favorite Thing: Uncle Bill’s Pancake House

“One of my absolutely favorite things is Uncle Bills Pancakes in Strathmere on the Saturday morning when we begin vacation. There is nothing like having lots of kids, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews all there at one big, big table with a whole week ahead of us to enjoy the Jersey shore!”

Sarah Heggan:

Favorite Things: Otter Pops, Made Up Games

“My friends & I over the years have devised fun made up games to play- for car trips, long walks, sitting on porches , waiting in line, drunken ramblings, etc. Basically they’re just what ifs – like what if I had been more into Robert Urich than Robert Smith as a kid? Or what if John Waters had made Terms of Endearment? But my personal favorite & one I’m proud to say I made up is Gene Wilder’s sing along. Basically every song ever written was written for or about Gene Wilder. Tell someone “Raspberry Beret” was about sleeping with Gene Wilder for the first time, or that “November Rain” was about the loss of Gene Wilder – it will blow their minds. p.s. Otter Pops are still one of my favorite things!”

Kay Heggan:

“flowers, cats, books, watching the sunset with Ziggy (uncle les is in N.J.)–that wont be on her list–contact with friends and family. But retirement is the best!!”

Rachael Morelli:

Favorite Things: Sleeping In, String

“One of my favorite things is waking up at 6 in the morning…and then realizing its Saturday, and I can go back to sleep. Don’t like that one? How about string. I really like string”

Grant Bollmer:

Favorite Thing: the engagement, MST3K

“My favorite thing is the entire engagement of Katherine and myself – from the actual engagement itself at the Durham Dinosaur to the dinner at the Magnolia Grill! To be honest, I think you should talk to one of us directly to get the whole story…”

“the Mystery Science Theater episode “Overdrawn at the Memory Bank.” It’s one of my favorite episodes of one of my favorite shows of all time! One of the early things that brought Katherine and I together is our mutual love of MST3K, and we both think this is one of the best episodes. Also Katherine won’t let me watch any MST3K until tomorrow night because that’s how we’re going to spend our last few hours in the US together. So, in this one,  Raul Julia, as the improbably named Aram Fingal, has to undergo futuristic psychotherapy, which entails his consciousness being placed in the body of a baboon. He then gets lost in a computer because an administrative error causes the misplacement his body. So, Fingal then proceeds to engage in a massive fantasy in which he becomes friends with Rick from “Casablanca,” also portrayed by Julia. It’s hard to explain, but that’s okay, as it makes all the better of an MST3K episode.” Here’s a clip:

Aw, it’s so nice having a sweet fiancee with excellent taste.  Ok, ok I just can’t help myself from throwing in one of my favorite things this week:

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  1. That was great , Kath. God Bless on your trip. Aunt kay

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