Saying Goodbye to Chapel Hill

So today I went to Chapel Hill one last time before I leave for Manchester.  My main reason for going was, of course :

Hooray for Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen!  I’m really glad I moved out of Chapel Hill and put some distance between myself and this delicious place, because the food is terrible for you, but oh so yummy- check it out:

so much grease!

so much grease!

steak and egg biscuit

steak and egg biscuit

chicken biscuit

chicken biscuit

After breakfast I walked over to Franklin Street via the arboretum:

I stopped at the bookstore, which I will miss so very, very much- I especially love the cats that are always around:

I also love having a boyfriend who asks where the Marxist book section is, and is super-delighted when he finds it:

But do you know what I don’t love? and what I won’t miss one tiny little bit?

I probably shouldn’t dwell on this topic further.  I think I’ll just let one of the exhibits in the student art gallery within Hanes speak for me:

Last but not least I stopped into the comic shop on Franklin Street:

They were having a big sale and I scored a bunch of Ranma 1/2 comics for 50 cents:

Whats that? You haven’t heard of Ranma 1/2?  It’s this comic that Grant was  into when he was 12, which I was just introduced to- it’s also a tv show- watch:

and that was that. Chapel Hill- I won’t miss you as much as Durham.

~ by gakather on September 6, 2009.

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