Monday Lieblings

I’ll tell you what *isn’t* among my favorite things this week: Inglorious Basterds (so disappointed!) and trying to get a freaking student visa….. I hope I don’t get denied access to the UK- I might listen to Michael Savage on a more than regular basis, but I don’t want to actually have anything in common with him! But more importantly, on to what IS on my favorites lists:

1) The Memory Palace Podcast

This podcast, done by Nate DiMeo, is my new favorite, and a pleasant five to ten minute mix between a Sarah Vowell book and This American Life episode. It is incredibly interesting at times (discussing, for instance, spy kittens in Russia and Benjamin Franklin’s lightning death ray) and a bit sappy at other times, but overall a really great listen, check it out.

2) The IT Crowd

This show is GREAT.  Right now it’s on netflix instant view, so if you have that, do yourself a favor and go zoom through the first two seasons of this hilarious British comedy.  Clips don’t really do it justice as it sort of builds on itself- plus all the youtube clips are embedding disabled- so take my word for it.

3) This:

4) Translation Party website

This website is a time suck, but a cute and fun one- go to and enter any phrase in- the website will translate it into Japanese, and that translate that translation back into English, then that into Japanese, etc, etc until an equilibrium is reached- some of the results I’ve gotten are better than 99% of the poetry I’ve ever read in my life.

5) Garfield Minus Garfield

so, this one is pretty old- but still a favorite of mine that is worth noting anew here on this blog- this website takes garfield cartoons and removes garfield from them. thats it. check it out:


~ by gakather on August 25, 2009.

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