Monday Lieblings – Mustache Edition!

Thats right, this week I bring to you a special edition of Monday Lieblings, one dedicated entirely to mustaches.  I myself cannot grow them and I miss my boyfriend’s- so here we go:

1) Mustache Candy Mold

How much fun would it be to have a party where the guests munch on mustache shaped lollipops?  A lot of fun, thats the answer.  These are available pretty cheaply at various online mold sellers, and ebay.

2) Red Velvet Art’s Various Mustache Crafts

Red Velvet Art is a fun website (and I believe an actual retail store in Missouri (?) ) that sells extremely cute stuff, very craft oriented.  It is a current sort of daydream of mine to run off, change my identity, and become a crafting genius, overly twee, vintagey hipstery store owner- but this girl at Red Velvet has already lived out said dream.  Here is some other stuff: (all can be found and bought at

3) DIY Mustaches

Why buy expensively carved wooden mustaches when you can just slap ’em together yourself?  The folks from the website something’s hiding in here help you out by giving you the tools you need to be quickly and easily mustachioed. (download the kit for free off of their flickr account here.)

OR you can go super lo-fi cheap and do what I did last night- are you ready to have your mind blown? ok, go get:

some masking tape

some masking tape


a black marker

a black marker

then, simply tear off some tape and draw a mustache! Grant and I will demonstrate:

Dov Charney 'stache

Dov Charney 'stache

"I'll tie you to the railroad tracks!" 'stache

"I'll tie you to the railroad tracks!" 'stache

4) Mustache Vending Machines

LOOK COOL! FOOL YOUR FRIENDS! I have quite the quarter-vending machine fetish, and this might be one of the best I ever stumbled upon.  Sadly there was a lot of glare in the supermarket, so the photos aren’t great, but still- for only 50 cents you can own either two sideburns or one mustache. score. Here Grant and I are, once again, modeling the goods:

5) Sam Rockwell as the Mustache Salesman on Stella (episode: “The Office Party”)

Who doesn’t love Sam Rockwell? Who doesn’t love the awesome, yet gone-too-soon show “Stella”? No one. Thats the answer. So, to conclude the monday mustache mania, everyone should go watch this episode of Stella on hulu (watch it here) and appreciate Rockwell’s turn as a suspicious mustache salesman.


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