Monday Lieblings

1) Jonathan Fire Eater

So, no one worth their musical salt can ever (in my snobby opinion) really have just one favorite band, but if I had a gun to my head and had to choose one quintessentially “Katherine” band, the only band I would, if forced, take with me to listen to on a desert island, it would be Jonathan Fire Eater.  I think part of this reasoning is the fact that I’ve been a huge fan of them since middle school, and love them just as much, if not more, thirteen years later (and as someone who once thought that ICP was good listening, thats saying a lot).  For those of you not in the know (and that may be more than I realize, JFE is, after all, noted as “the most hyped band you’ve never heard of”), Jonathan Fire Eater is band that existed for about five years in the mid-late 90s and, after kicking out their lead singer Stewart Lupton for major drug abuse, reformed to become the Walkmen.  Now, don’t get me wrong the Walkmen are alright, but they are no Jonathan Fire Eater.  However, after viewing some concert footage of Lupton struggling to hold himself up and failing to sing at the same time, I kind of get why  he might have been a liability to the band.  Check it out (the whole song you will be thinking “oh no, don’t fall over Stewart!)

This video doesn’t really do their music justice, but you should all check it out- especially anything off of “Wolf Songs for Lambs”.  You can go to their artist page on lastfm as well in order to hear some clips:

2) Faerie Tale Theatre is on Netflix instant view!

I’m a big fan of netflix instant view, especially now that I have a roku box to watch it all directly on my tv with.  So, I was especially thrilled to find out that last week one of my most beloved childhood shows, Faerie Tale Theatre, was added on (every single episode!) Now, these shows, despite having lots of pretty great and well-known actors, may not stand up to adult viewing if you don’t have loving nostalgia simply oozing out of you as I do, but if you remember this show, go re-check it out.  Here is an overview:

3) The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Radio Show (Primary and Secondary Phases)

I’m going to go ahead and say it: the original radio program of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is better than the books.  Little known fact: the first two seasons of the radio show came before the books.  Anyway, Grant used to listen to this when he was little, and recently introduced me to it on a car ride to Ohio, and I love it- it is so witty and entertaining and well done.  I really prefer the first two seasons (primary and secondary phase) to the rest of the show- which is still being produced actually.  You can buy the audio file on amazon OR (not that I recommend this, hint hint) download it for free off of a torrent.  Either way, if you have a car trip coming up, you must listen to this in it. So great.

4) “I Like You” by Amy Sedaris

This is the most entertaining cookbook I’ve ever read, mainly because it isn’t just a cookbook- it includes crafts to make, party themes, stories, games, and life advice (for example, Amy Sedaris advises you to learn more about yourself by “writing yourself some fan mail” or “disguise your voice and call family members posing as a police officer. Suggest there has been a homicide then question them about yourself” or “sleeping with someone Chinese”).  The recipes in the book are actually pretty good, and the design is awesome (the whole thing was done with the help of Todd Oldham).  I really like the photos of Amy Sedaris throughout- here are some examples:

To be fair Amy Sedaris herself is one of my favorite things, and I highly suggest you youtube some of her amazing visits to the Conan O’Brien and David Letterman shows.  Speaking of Amy Sedaris, this brings me to my final Monday Lieblings:

5) The Guest Segments of Martha Stewart Live

I used to watch this show every afternoon, and it was greatly comforting and relaxing.  I always enjoyed the guest segments, mainly because of the weird variety of guests that were on.  I’m sad I can’t find the interview with Lindsay Lohan, because Lindsay is pretty obviously coming down off of a coke binge and Martha is just yelling and scolding at her about how she is too much of a party girl and in HER day pretty girls knew how to keep their partying on the down low.  Anyway, her are some of the segments I could find on youtube:

Amy Sedaris!

Snoop Doggy Dog! (this one’s for you mom)

Rachel Maddow! (I want her glasses)


and Conan O’Brien

…although I think that Martha is better on Conan’s show (he once made her drink a 40 out of a paper bag while eating a taco bell burrito) and this:


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