Monday Lieblings

1) This picture

Noel Fielding recreating Joe Jackson's "Look Sharp" album cover

Noel Fielding recreating Joe Jackson's "Look Sharp" album cover

It combines two of my favorite things: ‘The Mighty Boosh’ and Joe Jackson’s ‘Look Sharp!’.  (this is from a photo shoot the cast of The Mighty Boosh did for boing boing- see it all here

2) The Whiskey Bar in Durham

photo by Briana Brough

photo by Briana Brough

photo by Briana Brough

photo by Briana Brough

For Grant’s birthday we decided to go to Whiskey, which just opened about two weeks ago and is next door to Toast.   I absolutely love this place and am really sad it opened so soon before I leave.  This is the kind of bar I’ve been looking for for quite awhile- the interior is amazing- very classy, and 1920’s-esque.  It makes you want to buy a new hat and use a cigarette holder.  The bar staff was super knowledgeable and the drinks were perfect.  I had a delicious scotch and soda and the BEST gin and tonic of my life- a Hendricks and cucumber, I highly, highly recommend it. I want to create a perfume based on that drink and wear it all the damn time. The prices were somewhat reasonable for what it was- Grant and I had two drinks each and the total was under 30 dollars.  I highly, highly recommend it.

3) Hunter Boots

I just realized something: it rains a lot in England. I have always, always, wanted some great rain boots, but they never seemed like a reasonable purchase- but NOW I have a reason to buy some! And I have set my sights on these babies- the original green hunter rain boots (wellies?) If anyone out there is considering a going away gift for me- this would be it.

4) Dance Your Hat and Gloves Off

Ok, I don’t know how I feel about Jimmy Fallon Late Night, but I do fall asleep to it a lot and last week I saw this clip making fun of Dance Your Ass Off.  Basically, contestants try to dance their hats and gloves off. I know, I know, it sounds stupid, but it is truly funny. Go watch it here on Hulu. (hulu is another favorite thing- is it available in the UK? anyone? I would be lost without it)

5) Jason Schwartzman


I really, really, really, really love Jason Schwartzman. He is perfect to me, and if you have met him, or had some off-chance encounter with him and he is actually a dick DON’T TELL ME. I’m keeping my vision intact.  Anyway, everything he’s in is made better, and I could watch him do just about anything.  He is the main reason I love the (bad) movie Slackers as much as I do- I mean look at this stuff:

and I have to include my favorite non-Schwartzman moment of that movie:

I also love his band, Coconut Records (a lot) here are some videos:

And as much as I hate underhanded viral marketing, I did fall for Hulu putting clips of the fake show “Yo Teach!” up in order to promote “Funny People” check it:

For the record he was about 75% of the reason I saw that movie (Funny People) today, the other 25% was because I had to get out of my non-air conditioned apartment.  Overall the movie made me laugh at points but it was really long, dragged on, and well, was incredibly mediocre.  I did like Eric Bana in it, and all the ridiculous fake parodies of actual Adam Sandler movies (mer-man, re-do, my best friend is a robot).  BUT the movie pushed itself from “meh” territory into “I will KILL YOU JUDD APATOW!” territory by using Warren Zevon’s song Keep Me in Your Heart For Awhile in order to illicit tender sentiments. NO, NO, NOT ALLOWED MOVIE. Those of you who know me best will know why I cannot stand for this song being used in movies, especially Adam Sandler movies. Ugh. I cannot hear this song without crying uncontrollably, and I did. Sitting in the back row of the Carmike Wynnsong 13 I bawled like a baby. Damn you, damn you movie.

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