Dissertation Reading List A Go-Go

So today was my first official (well, official only in the capacity of my own mind) day of working on my dissertation.  I made a reading list (very, very preliminary) last month and finally started reading today.  Seeing as how the air conditioning in my apartment is broken (it has literally been about 95-98 degrees in the apartment for two days) I decided to go to Foster’s for some breakfast and reading.  I had a delicious cup of granola and some not-so delicious undercooked potatoes:

and I read “Fear and Art” by Paul Virilio- it was cheating because technically the book is under 50 pages, but it covered a lot of broad points I’m interested in (sort of, a bit too technology-centric for my devices, but that was the point of it) now I have to get to translating Rene Gimpel’s Journal d’un collectionneur, marchand de tableaux. I also felt sort of weird about having notes like “THINK ABOUT HOW NAZIS EXPERIMENTED ON ANIMALS *FIRST* and ALSO HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION! and then what can be said about TROCKEL’S DEAD ANIMALS” up on my computer screen for all the Sunday brunchers to see.  I’m always a bit touchy about any study of Hitler or WWII Germany I partake in, especially since a customer at Toast basically yelled at me about my tattoo.  Basically, she grabbed my arm and said “THIS IS GERMAN!?!” and I said “well, yeah, it’s from a piece of art I love” and she said “Have you not CONSIDERED the fact that CONCENTRATION CAMP VICTIMS were FORCED to tattoo their ARMS?!??!?!?- aren’t you ashamed???” and yes, I realize that is a really, really irrational and irregular reaction to my tattoo- especially since a) they had numbers, not words tattooed on them, and they were usually horizontal not vertical, and -oh yeah- just because something is written in German doesn’t automatically make it related to the holocaust. To be fair, it was made a bit worse by the fact that my hair was blonde then, and put up in German milkmaidesque braids.

Anyway, I finished up the book, and then went in search of embroidery floss and Morningstar veggie hotdogs.  I found a ton of floss, (no bobbins though- crazy!) and although I went to three different stores I couldn’t find any veggie dogs, which is very sad. Does anyone else love those things? Have they been discontinued? I hope not.


~ by gakather on August 2, 2009.

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