I want a bacon cupcake.

So, Wednesday’s post was part of a scavenger hunt I set up for Grant on his birthday. He biked all around Durham, and fun was had by all.  I’ve finished some more embroidery stuff- the problem is, I’m getting better and better and finishing projects faster and faster, and am running out of fabric to embroider on.  Here are pictures of a cardigan I made for myself and a tea-towel I made for my aunt:

I couldn’t really get a good photo of the towel, oh well.

So, I recently found this clip of Michel Gondry talking about his new movie at comic-con (I have to admit, I was pretty surprised to learn that he’s the one directing the Green Hornet) it is so precious, as is Michel Gondry. I’m pretty much obsessed with him, and his sweded version of “Be Kind Rewind” always makes me happy (hell, I’ll just post that too) :

Finally, Daisy Cakes is currently polling folks on what cupcake flavors they should come out with next (you can go to their facebook page to comment on it) and they are thinking about a maple-vanilla bean cupcake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting, orange curd, and candied bacon- so it basically looks like an egg with a piece of bacon on it.  I had the pleasure of sampling this particular cupcake a few months ago when the owners of Daisy Cakes kindly brought some cupcakes to Toast (the restaurant I work at) and let me tell you- it was amazing.  This cupcake really was the best cupcake I have ever encountered.  Anyway, I think everyone should go to their facebook page and encourage the re-creation of this delight.

~ by gakather on August 1, 2009.

One Response to “I want a bacon cupcake.”

  1. Your embroidery is beautiful, you win.
    Is Daisy Cakes in the Triangle Area? I guess I should google it.
    I want to see you before you leave.
    That is all.


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