Monday Lieblings

1) Roasted Cauliflower

This just might be the perfect recipe- it is super-easy, delicious, and healthy.  All you have to do is chop up some cauliflower, heat the oven to 400℉, put the cauliflower in a baking dish with 3 tablespoons of olive oil and 1/2 teaspoon salt, toss, and then bake (uncovered)  for around 30-35 minutes. I could eat this every night, go try it (if you haven’t already) and you will thank me.

2) My New Red Moleskine

Ceci n'est pas une moleskine

Ceci n'est pas une moleskine

ok, so it IS a moleskine (well an image of a moleskine) but what I mean is that this moleskine has been a symbol for me for awhile.  I wanted to buy one more than six months ago, but that was when I wasn’t attending school, and wasn’t sure I was going to be attending school in the near future, so I decided that I had nothing important enough to put in a moleskine.  I decided that buying said moleskine would be a symbolic reward to myself for getting into and making all the arrangements to go to Manchester. I have now bought the moleskine knowing that I will soon fill it up with genius dissertation ideas and inspirations.  Perhaps this is me buying into academic hipsterism, but I don’t care.

3) Bobo’s Ninja

My friend Bobo recently made a batch of stuffed ninjas (in order, she says, “so that I don’t have to think about life”) and I was lucky enough to trade her a batch of cupcakes for one.  This one is nicknamed “Paris Hilton Ninja” because one eye is bigger than the other.  This ninja is the cutest thing ever.  (don’t believe me? look at these photos):

guarding my house

guarding my house

ninja bush-lurking skills!

ninja bush-lurking skills!

the ninja is a master of disguise and hiding

the ninja is a master of disguise and hiding

4) “Stranger Danger” starring Corny the alien.

This is from a video about the dangers of strangers that my brothers and I found at a thrift shop in Ocean City.  The plot is basically that this alien named Corny keeps getting kidnapped and molested as he learns how to avoid those very situations (luckily he has some sort of time-travel/teleportation watch that helps get out of all these problems).  The song in the video above gets stuck in my head from time to time and is great.  Why are all these people (men and women alike) trying to molest this alien? He’s so very gross, and obviously, in my opinion, an adult alien wearing kids clothes, blah.  Also, throwing the frisbee too far into the bushes? Come on stranger danger, thats just giving molesters good ideas and tips. Anyway, imdb doesn’t have this movie listed, and this was the only youtube clip I could find.  If you ever see this sitting in a discount bin or thrift store, buy it.

5) The Slate Culture Gabfest Podcast

Slate’s website is usually pretty good, so I was very happy (especially when NPR stopped updating their cultural roundup podcast- AHEM NPR!) when I found the Slate Culture Gabfest podcast.  You can download or subscribe to it at itunes of course, and this is the website for it. I think it is a weekly podcast (I usually just save up a few and listen to them when I bike to work).  I find myself referencing something they discussed almost every day and the words “oh, yes- and on the slate culture gabfest they said…..” come out of my mouth more than I’d care to admit.  Anyway, it is a good 45 minutes to an hour of various cultural and current event discussions with writers from slate.  Another plus is that at the end of every episode, the panelists all make a recommendation of their own (be it a book, magazine article, movie, television show, etc).  I highly recommend it.

~ by gakather on July 28, 2009.

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  2. oh my gosh, i did the same thing with the moleskine! i even embossed my monogram onto it. (we’re crazy, and crazy similar by the way.)

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