Monday Lieblings

I have taste in things, and I usually agree with those tastes, and so I’ve decided that every Monday I will post five of my favorite things (and from time to time, least favorite).  Now, to be clear this is going to be a pretty mindless collection of things- I’m not going to tell everyone to go out and watch everything ever made by Jacques Rivette or read “The Aesthetics of Resistance” by Peter Weiss (although you really should read that series, it is quite great).  I’m just going to point out things in my day to day life that make me happy. So here we go:

1) Mindy Kaling


I really like everything I know about Mindy Kaling- I enjoy following her on twitter, I love whatever she does as and writes for Kelly Kapoor on the office- even though in real life I want to punch girls like that in the face. (see this video.  and this one.)  But what I really love, what puts her in the number one spot this week is her website.  “things I bought that I love” is where, as she describes it, “I buy things and I write about them.” It is simple, silly, and frivolous, but it is awesome.

2) My Brother’s Projects

Yes, they’re my brothers so I’m biased, and yes I’m largely preoccupied with the fact that I received none of the  artistic and creative genes that they did, but I still really think that others will enjoy viewing what my brothers work on.  Here is my brother Daniel’s flickr account with lots of his artwork and his youtube channel, where he has posted some videos he worked on in his film class at MICA this summer.  My brother Benton chooses to spend his energy on less … concrete endeavors.  For example, he is currently planning a bear worshipping festival. (so check that out on facebook and if you live near St. Charles, go see it in person)

3) Forget Me Knot Ring from Fred Flare

I usually don’t care much for jewelry.  I wear necklaces on rare occasions and cannot remember the last time I actually bought or wore a ring, but if I was to buy and/or wear one, it would be this one.  You can find it here.

4) Sublime Stitching

This is the website that allowed my embroidering fetish to go from “maybe I should think about doing that” to “I will never put this needle and thread down, EVER. No, I will NOT put it down for meals or to maintain polite eye contact with someone I’m having a conversation with. PFFFT” Needless to say I like it.  I especially like, and look forward to buying their Daniel Johnston artist series patterns. (as pictured above).  So check it out-

5) Cake Wrecks

This is a website with a simple premise: showing poorly made cakes.  I guarantee you at least twenty minutes of enjoyment and more than few out-loud guffaws if you visit it:

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