Finally, A Hobby

So I have wanted to be good at crafts all my life- I cannot paint, draw, sculpt, photograph, or weave.  Three patient, kind, lovely women have attempted to teach me to knit, and all gave up shrieking “what is wrong with you!?”.  Also I think scrapbooking is very lame- sorry, but  I do. So, with the prospect of moving to a city where I know roughly four people looming (along with limited funds restricting my entertainment options) I have once again turned my thoughts to taking up a hobby, and I found one.  I will now be the girl who embroiders all the time. I started last Wednesday and I can’t stop. I embroidered through book club, I embroidered through a day at the beach, I embroider before bed every night, and I even made the mistake of embroidering after a few of my friend Allison’s killer frozen strawberry lemonade vodka drink (all those stitches got ripped right out the next morning, like a bad one night fabric stand).  I will most likely burn myself out before I reach Manchester, but oh well- the hobby, at least for the moment, is good for gifts and spiffing up cardigans.  I’m working on an apron for my mother, and I won’t show that here until she gets it (so as to not ruin the surprise)- so for now here is my first completed project: a really corny (and greatly scorned by those at the beach this weekend) bookmark for my boyfriend Grant:


So yes, it is a bit corny, but  I really like the heart design – which is part of the “vital organs” pattern kit from – that website is really awesome (shameless plug perhaps, but they’re the only real alternative I can find to embroidering kittens wearing aprons).


~ by gakather on July 21, 2009.

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