typing just to see myself think

I’ve started writing too soon.  I won’t be leaving for Manchester until early-mid September and I haven’t even bought a plane ticket yet- nor have I gotten my cat to the vet, received a student visa, found a place to live, read everything ever written by Marx, Kristeva, and Proust (the last being my secret shame, shhh) -among many, many other pressing but undone things.  So why am I not working on those? Why am I writing on this thing when I have nothing related to Manchester to write about? meh, procrastinating. Instead, I will start documenting all of the things I want to do in Durham before I leave.  A lot of these involve eating at various Durham places- locopops, daisy cakes, revolution, magnolia grill, dale’s, watt’s grocery, etc, etc- there is also, of course, Duke Garden bocce ball playing and seeing “Sorority Row”  with Grant and Josh. (ironically)* Fun times await!

I heart daisy cakes so hard.

I heart daisy cakes so hard.

* and by “ironically” I mean after drinking more than just a bit- Grant doesn’t want me inferring that he has been or ever will be “drunk”

~ by gakather on July 15, 2009.

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